XS Little Holiday Houses, IBA Thüringen

With Johanna Burkert, Kristina Schönwälder (Landscape)

Information: Competition

Function: Housing

Program: Tourism

Location: Saaldorf-Ebersdorf

Size: Modul 16 sqm

Visualization : Germain Chan

The competition entry pursues the idea of contemporary tourism, which offers the opportunity to test ecologically responsible action as a luxury, taking into account natural material cycles, resource conservation and conscious reduction. The existing landscape will be preserved and strengthened as far as possible. In the high-growing forest, residential clusters on a small footprint – on screw foundations – are reversibly placed in the existing topography. The housing takes place in 1, 2 or 3 clusters, which offer spatial gradations regarding privacy and sociability. The upper floor offers a room for working and sleeping with a view of the treetops or the Thuringian Sea. The lower room allows the exchange with other guests. The 4x4m wide cluster houses are to be produced using ecological timber construction methods from glueless board stacking elements and regional woods. A cluster consists of eight wall elements and three ceiling elements, which are delivered from the factory by truck, lifted by crane and assembled on site within one day.