unu Store Berlin

Sophienstrasse 23, Berlin



Simon Bredt, Design

Hendrik Vogel, Szenografie

Fabian Ziltz, Architektur

instagram: @asknsolve

Driving an e-scooter is an urban experience. We wanted to create a space that visually connects with the urban feeling and that makes the logic and the design of the UNU brand tangible beside offering a high degree of flexibility in spatial scenarios.

The materials used: natural ash wood, corrugated iron and concrete, as well as generously mirrored surfaces, create a dialogue between inside and outside, design and architecture, visitors and passers-by. The visual spatial experience and extended visual relationships blur the line between product experience, strolling and test drives. The new unu store on Sophienstrasse in the heart of Berlin is a contemporary place. Presentations, talks or exhibitions are conceivable. A space that brings people into dialogue, like unu connects places with each other.

The handling of the scooter is simple and intuitive, we transfer this simple logic into the room: The large curved counter in the entrance area dissolves the classic counter situation. Here customers can sit down like in a bar: Get advice, have a drink and take in the scooter, the completed test drive, the room and Sophienstrasse. The open middle area with cloakroom and mobile furniture elements leads to the stage. The e-scooter stands slightly elevated on two platforms in front of a rear wall made of staged materials from the outside area (galvanized perforated corrugated fa├žade sheet metal). The product information is placed like the title of a sculpture in a museum. E-mobility staged as a sculpture of modernity. Silent Drive Experience as a logical consequence of integrative design standards. In the back of the space there is a sofa and armchairs like in a living room, in which the iconic unu battery is of course integrated, the back walll is mirrored and throws the view back on the street. A place as a vehicle for the future.